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TISSA Series
One-box Femtosecond Ti:sapphire Lasers

The TISSA is a series of mode-locked Ti: sapphire oscillators integrated with a pump laser.
The CDP Systems Corp. offers a full line of products, including two-output oscillator TISSA 20, recommended as a seed source for amplifier systems and two-colour TISSA 60GS and TISSA 100GS oscillators with on-board frequency doublers.


  • Built-in DPSS pump laser
  • Built-in extra-cavity prism compressor (TISSA 20)
  • Compressed and uncompressed outputs (TISSA 20)
  • Seed oscillator for amplifiers (TISSA 20)
  • Built-in USB spectrometer (TISSA 60S, TISSA 100S)
  • Built-in second harmonic generator (TISSA 60GS, TISSA 100GS)

  Out 1 Out 2    
Pulse Repetition Rate 86 MHz
Pulse width < 20 fs < 50 fs < 60 fs < 100 fs
Output Power
at 800 nm
> 400 mW1) > 500 mW > 700 mW
Wavelength Tuning Range2) 800±20 nm 750 nm - 850 nm
Polarization Horizontal
Output Beam Diameter 2-3 mm
Divergence < 1 mrad
Spatial Mode Near TEM00
Stability < 1% rms
Dimensions 990 mm x 460 mm x 200 mm

1) Two outputs of TISSA 20 don’t work simultaneously
2) 800 nm – 900 nm tuning range with optional IR set of mirrors is available for TISSA 60 and TISSA 100

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