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femtosecond spectroscopy
FOG100 femtosecond fluorescence up-conversion spectrometer
ExciPro femtosecond pump-probe transient absorption spectrometer
TAPPIR transient absorption pump-probe infrared spectrometer
optical scanning microscopy
MoScan-F near field scanning optical microscope platform
femtosecond Oscillators
TISSA one-box Ti: sapphire laser
TISSA Ti: sapphire laser kit
femtosecond amplifiers
MPA50 femtosecond multipass Ti: sapphite amplifier
MPA-XL  femtosecond terawatt Ti: sapphire laser system
CDP2017 optical parametric amplifier
diode laser spectroscopy
QEPAS kits and complete systems
MPA 50
Femtosecond Multipass Ti:sapphire Amplifier

MPA 50 is a multipass Ti: sapphire amplifier based on a two-mirror confocal design and containing a pulse stretcher, a pulse compressor, a pulse picker, synchronization electronics, and the Faraday isolator.
A pump laser is placed outside the amplifier. Please, contact us about the best pump laser for 1 kHz and 10-50 Hz repetition rates.


  • Operation wavelength: 780 - 820 nm
  • Output pulse duration: < 40 fs1)
  • Output pulse energy at 1 kHz: 1 mJ
  • Output pulse energy at 10-50 Hz: 2 mJ
  • Output beam diameter: 4-8 mm
  • Output beam quality: M2<1.5
  • Output beam polarization: Horizontal
  • Pulse to pulse stability: <2 % rms
1) With the TISSA 20 seed oscillator

1200 mm x 600 mm x 250 mm

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