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Professional Femtosecond Fluorescence Spectrometer


Femtosecond optical gating (FOG) methods give best temporal resolution in light induced fluorescence lifetime measurements. Since 1997 we manufacture model FOG100-DX for operation with femtosecond oscillators and we offer now FOG100-DA for operation with femtosecond amplified pulses. Completely computer-controlled FOG100 spectrometers are available with new generation compact electronics and LabVIEW based data acquisition software.

  • <100 fs temporal resolution
  • Double monochromator for small fluorescence red shift detection
  • Photon counting and analog / digital modes for PMT detector
  • Analog / digital electronics for highest dynamic range at 1 kHz
  • Fluorescence collection with off-axis parabolic mirrors
  • Patented rotation / magnetically stirred sample holder
  • Anisotropy measurements with Berek variable waveplate
  • Computer controlled monochromator, PMT, nonlinear crystal rotation, delay line operation and alignment, xy-translation sample holder, filter wheel
  • LabVIEW based software for system control and data acquisition
  • Surface Miner Pro data analysis software
  • Time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) option



  • Fluorescence spectral range: 320 nm - 1600 nm
  • Time resolution: better than 100 fs for thin samples
  • FOG100-DA input pulse repetition rate: 1 kHz - 10 kHz
  • FOG100-DX input pulse repetition rate: 100 kHz - 100 MHz
  • Dynamic range in analog / digital PMT mode: 6x104 (Model DA)
  • Dark counts in photon counting PMT mode: <2 cps (Model DX)
  • Spectral resolution: <1.5 nm with 0.1 mm slit
  • Optical delay line range: 2.0 ns (4.0 ns or 8.0 ns optionally)
  • Minimum step: 0.52 fs for 2 ns delay line
  • Automatic phase matching angle resolution: 0.01o
  • Beam pointing drift for automated delay line alignment: <10 microns
  • XY-translation sample holder: 12 mm x 12 mm



Data Analysis Software:


Surface Miner Pro makes analysis of emission kinetics and decay association spectra, simultaneous display of kinetics and spectra, 2D and 3D display for dynamic surfaces, averaging of multiple surfaces, quick and easy normalization of kinetics and spectra, subtraction of scattered light and background, anisotropy calculation, chirp correction and time zero adjustment, kinetics deconvolution and fitting at individual wavelengths and global kinetics fitting analysis.




An optional CDP 2015 third harmonic generator is recommended with FOG 100-DX for the UV sample excitation. The second harmonic generator is installed inside the FOG 100-DX optical unit.