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femtosecond spectroscopy
FOG100 femtosecond fluorescence up-conversion spectrometer
ExciPro femtosecond pump-probe transient absorption spectrometer
TAPPIR transient absorption pump-probe infrared spectrometer
optical scanning microscopy
MoScan-F near field scanning optical microscope platform
femtosecond Oscillators
TISSA one-box Ti: sapphire laser
TISSA Ti: sapphire laser kit
femtosecond amplifiers
MPA50 femtosecond multipass Ti: sapphite amplifier
MPA-XL  femtosecond terawatt Ti: sapphire laser system
CDP2017 optical parametric amplifier
diode laser spectroscopy
QEPAS kits and complete systems
Near Field Scanning Optical Microscope Platform

MoScan-F is a device that enables you to get the best up-to-date available spatial optical resolution using the near field scanning optical microscope (NSOM) principle

  • Near field scanning optical microscope (NSOM) and atomic force microscope (AFM) modes of operation
  • NSOM images with laser and lamp illumination
  • Commercial and custom NSOM probes
  • Near field optical and luminescence images in photon counting mode
  • NSOM images in collection and illumination modes
  • Transmission and reflection NSOM configurations
  • 20 nm optical resolution (Raleigh criteria for spatial resolution)
  • State-of-the-art optical microscope console: simultaneous sample and tip observation with long working distance objectives
  • Femtosecond and UV excitation
  • True single molecule detection
  • uScope data acquisition and FemtoScan image processing software
  • Ambient light protection with light-tight box
Fields of application:
Molecular spectroscopy, Fluorescence, Surface science, Thin films, Biology, Chemistry, Solid state physics, Nanotechnology, Material Science, Medicine, Education, Fiber optics

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