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CDP Systems Corp. has 25-year history of the work in the field of femtosecond technology, ultra-fast spectroscopy, and near-field scanning optical microscopy.

In July 1988 we reported first femtosecond multipass dye amplifer and commercialized this approach in a device operating together with a colliding-pulse mode-locking dye oscillator.

We successfully use that two-mirror amplifier configuration in the MPA 50 multipass Ti: sapphire amplifier system. With the TISSA 20 seed laser it gives efficient amplification of < 40 fs pulses at 1 kHz pulse repetition rate. Our MPA-XL two-stage terawatt amplifier system gives 0.2 J pulse energy at 10 Hz pulse repetition rate.

CDP Systems Corp. was founded as a company manufacturing laser and diagnostics equipment for femtosecond phenomena studies. We are the first company manufacturing complete laboratories for ultra-fast spectroscopy, including seed lasers, amplifiers and equipment for femtosecond fluorescence and transient absorption spectroscopy.

FOG100 fluorescence upconversion system and ExciPro transient absorption pump-probe system are the first professional turnkey femtosecond spectroscopy systems that give a possibility to get scientific results immediately after installation.

Our MoScan-F scanning optical microscope platform gives < 50 nm spatial resolution together with attached near-field fiber probe. MoScan-F can be adapted for ultra-fast fluorescence measurements and makes the CDP Systems Corp. "one-hand" company offering best time and space resolution available in optical measurements

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