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Femtosecond Transient Absorption Pump-Probe Infrared Spectrometer
  • Single-channel transient absorption detection in solutions, thin films and solid samples
  • Detector type: CdHgTe photoconductive detectors cooled with liquid N2
  • Internal DGF (difference frequency generator)
  • External CDP 2017 optical parametric amplifier for DFG pumping
  • Internal second harmonic generator for the sample excitation
  • ExciPro 2.5 IR software for data acquisition and kinetic analysis

A femtosecond difference frequency generator (DFG) is installed inside the TAPPIR optical unit for the tunable probe of transient absorption within 3 mm - 11 mm. DFG is pumped with signal and idler waves delivered together from an external optical parametric amplifier. Two cooled CdHgTe detectors are used in probe and reference channels, respectively. Femtosecond pulses from an external Ti: sapphire amplifier and CDP 2017 are recommended for the sample excitation.


  • Spectral response range: 3 mm - 11 mm with internal DFG (2.5 mm - 17 mm with external computer controlled DFG)
  • Detector operation temperature: 77 K
  • Maximum pulse repetition rate: 5 kHz
  • Maximum delay between probe and excitation pulses: 2.0 ns (4.0 ns in the optional double-pass configuration)
  • Minimum step of the optical delay line: 1.56 fs

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