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TISSA Series
Femtosecond Ti:sapphire Laser Kits

TISSA kits contain all components of femtosecond Ti: sapphire oscillator preinstalled and tested on a breadboard and supplied with a cover box.

TISSA 50 and TISSA 100 are most cost effective Ti: sapphire oscillators, which are "working horses" for multipurpose ultrafast applications.

Comparing with TISSA 50 oscillator, TISSA-L contains a cavity extension and is characterized by lower pulse repetition rate. It gives >15 nJ output pulse energy without cavity dumper

Pump Power1) 3-5 W
Pulse Repetition Rate 20 MHz 85 MHz
Expected Pulse Width < 60 fs < 50 fs < 100 fs
Output Wavelength 800 nm 750 nm - 850 nm
Expected Pulse Energy2) > 15 nJ > 5 nJ > 6 nJ
Polarization Horizontal
Length 990 mm 850 mm
Width 460 mm 360 mm
Height 200 mm 200 mm

1) DPSS or Ar-ion pump laser is required
2) At 800 nm output wavelength and with 5 W pump

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